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Members can stretch to the limits of their skills on the tough RCC greens.  Whether the occasion is a tournament, a tour around with friends, RCC is the perfect location for providing sporting ability in competitive play.  As one of Raleigh's most precious and well-maintained jewels, RCC is the region's best offering for pure golf - the way it was meant to be.

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Pure Golf
Recently fully restored to it's clean and noble, the nostalgia for rediscovering the spirit of the game of yesteryear has elevated Raleigh Country Club to a club that is now considered as extremely nouveau within the city of Raleigh, and the strong sense of being in an original place in the game's history pervades at RCC more than ever.

True to the Ross legacy, each hole presents a unique challenge, ensuring that every club in a golfer's bag is utilized during play. The course stands up to the original architectural intent and the high caliber of Ross's reputation.

Course Commitment
Raleigh Country Club is managed with pride in the Club's role as a local landmark as well as the course's place as a milestone in golf history. Our Club is committed to conservative membership growth and governance of outside play to best maintain the excellence of course conditions. With the quality of members' experience at the forefront, RCC has pursued recent renovations, guided by the philosophy to re-capture Donald Ross's original ideas, to further enhance the golfing experience and to underscore our commitment. Recent renovations included the rebuilding of all sand bunkers and grass hollows, constructing a state-of-the art teaching facility, tee boxes as well as strategically lengthening of the course. The combination of scenic fairways, well manicured landscaping and complex holes make it a dream for every true golfer.